Fall Motorcycle Gear: What You Need to Know

As the cold season approaches, some riders are putting their bikes in the garage until spring. If you plan to ride year-round, however, you’re probably looking for some fall motorcycle gear to keep you safe, warm, and dry during those less bike-friendly months. While riding in the colder, darker, and likely, rainy days is less exciting than hitting the road in sun-drenched bliss, we agree with the saying that there’s no bad weather to ride a motorcycle, only the wrong gear.

That said, fall motorcycle gear choices can be hard to navigate: which gear pieces are a must, what features should you be looking for, and which brands offer the best cold-weather motorcycle apparel? We’re here to help you out: here are some of our best pointers and tips for picking out bike gear that will work in any weather.

Base Layers

Even if the fall temperatures in your area are mild, rain, overcast skies, and chillier weather mean you’ve got to think about staying warm on the bike. The number one pro tip to keep warm while riding is to layer up: instead of wearing one thick jumper or sweater underneath your riding gear, use several thinner layers. Layering creates air pockets between the garments which increases the insulation, so you will feel much warmer. We recommend using a thin, moisture-wicking merino wool base layer like this paired with a slightly thicker, insulating layer like this thermal shirt. Not only you’ll feel much warmer while riding, but the thinner layers will ensure you still have enough freedom of movement on the bike and your riding gear will not feel too tight when you put everything on.

Fall Motorcycle Jackets and Pants

If you get your base layers right, you may get away with your spring and summer riding gear instead of buying new: using base layers and adding some waterproof overalls or a rain suit to your existing gear can keep you toasty and dry in any weather. However, if your summer gear is really thin or is made from mesh or perforated leather, you may want to invest in some new stuff. As a rule, adventure riding gear usually offers the most protection from bad weather. By nature, adventure riders are the most versatile lot out there and their gear needs to work in an array of different road, off-road, climate, and terrain conditions, so gear manufacturers usually build their adventure gear pieces like exoskeletons rather than apparel and offer four-season protection from any kind of weather.

If you don’t like the heavier, techier look and feel of adventure gear, however, you can always opt for lighter textiles or textile and leather combos and use additional pieces of gear like rain jackets or insulated inner liners to keep warm.

Heated Gear

If you’re expecting subzero temperatures or lots of rain (and perhaps even snow), it’s a good idea to think about some heated gear. Heated jackets, pants, and gloves can make a massive difference if you expect to ride in some really cold conditions, and the good thing about newer heated gear is that you can plug everything into your bike without worrying about battery life. We really love this heated vest by BMW – it works wonders when you need to stay warm on the bike but doesn’t add much bulk so your outer shell or jacket can still fit over nicely and won’t restrict movement on the bike. We recommend using a thin base layer underneath and another base layer over the vest so that it fits snugly over your torso to keep you warm. If the vest isn’t fitting tightly, it won’t be as effective.

Fall Motorcycle Gear Accessories

Now that you’ve layered up, geared up, and got your heated vest or jacket going, there are a few additional fall motorcycle gear accessories that can make a big difference without breaking the bank. Neck buffs and scarves are a must for the colder months because if your neck isn’t covered, you’ll lose a lot of body heat this way. Some sturdier, grippier, and water-resistant boots are a good idea if you know you’ll be riding in wet conditions; we also recommend a helmet visor pinlock insert to prevent your visor from fogging up, and it’s usually a good idea to think of some extra helmet liners or balaclavas to keep your face warm. And if you know the darker, overcast days might bring you down, why not experiment with these fun, orange-tinted sunglasses to brighten up the day?

If you’ve got your fall motorcycle gear all set up but feel like something is still missing, check out our fall deals and offers – we’ve got some exciting collections at great prices right now.

What piece of fall motorcycle gear would you never leave your garage without? Let us know in the comments below!