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Ducati has just released their new super mid-level sportbike in 2020. The Panigale V2 motorcycle ($16,495). If you’re familiar with the 959. This motorcycle is a refreshed and refined version of that. Due to its engine, aerodynamics suspension, and electronics. This bike is great, as it isn’t intimidating or scary to ride. It is a fantastic bike to own. If you’re looking for something easy to handle and comfortable. Which will be very controllable and predictable on the track and the road.

Engine, Power, and torque

The V2 claims that it can crank up to 155 hp @ 10,750 rpm. This is an update from the 959 which was an increase of only 5 hp. It has a peak torque of 1.5 ft-lbs to 76.7 @ 9,000 rpm. This bike is a great entry-level sportbike. For those who want to delve more into the exotic superbike category. As it isn’t as overwhelming as the Ducati’s V4.

The 955-cc twin-cylinder engine has been refined and refreshed in this model. As a way to improve efficiency, the intake ducts have been adapted. There are four new injectors on this bike. Compared to the previous models they are a lot less restrictive. Allowing air to flow more freely.  The V2 has increased its performance without having to expand its engine. The aluminum monocoque frame makes the bike a lot more compact. As it reaches the top of the engine, becoming a stressed part of the frame.

Gearbox and Exhaust

The neater exhaust meets Euro 5 emission limits. The exhaust is placed underneath the engine. Allowing the single-sided swingarm to be shown off. The exhaust now has two larger catalytic converters inside the silencer. The bike has a 6-speed gearbox. The power delivery is super smooth to use. The auto-blippers allows the rider. To efficiently shift from 5th to 2nd within the blink of an eye.

Handling, Suspension, Chassis, and Weight

The V2 is heavier than the 959 by 10 pounds. The bike has fantastic handling. It is confident when going around tight corners. This bike is comfortable to ride. As the seat has been upgraded becoming more cushioned. The seat has been raised by 5 mm and it offers plenty of wiggle room.

The suspensions both front and rear are fully adjustable. Still made by Showa and Sachs. It is set to best suit track expectations. There’s a higher center of gravity on the V2. Compared to the 959 making the ride more comfortable. Due to its suspensions and softer springs.


Twisting and turning around a tight corner with ease. Is something that the V2 has built to perfection. This is due to engine braking and the twin 320 mm discs carefully harnessed by M4. And the 32 four-piston Brembo brakes. The front Showa fork suspension helps to provide even more precise braking. The bike can remain calm on strong speeds around corners. Without worrying about the upgraded ABS having to interfere. Ensuring that the rear wheel is kept firmly placed on the ground.


The electronics on the V2 have had the most upgrades. The six-axis Bosch IMU operates the three different riding modes (street, sport, and race). These modes are all customizable to suit your preferred riding needs. There are features of traction control, wheelie control, and quick shifter. Also, ABS and engine brake control. These features all ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. The V2 sadly does not come equipped with cruise control or any heated grips. These are all operated via the 4.3-inch TFT display and the left-side switchgear which is easy and simple to navigate.

Ducati released a bike that is smooth and able to handle. The electronics, power increase, and chassis refinements. Have played a part in making the ride more enjoyable. It is user-friendly but still able to provide power on the track. As it is less overpowering compared to the V4. If you are already a proud owner of the 959 and looking for an upgrade. The V2 might not be the change you need. Unless you like the upgraded electronics and the aesthetics of the bike. Then that is a valid enough excuse to trade in your bike.





 Four Stroke 90-degree, “L” twin cylinder


955 cc

Bore x stroke

100 mm x 60.8 mm

Compression ratio



2-1-2-1 System, 2 Catalytic convertors, 2 lambda probes


155 horsepower @ 10,750 rpm / 76.7 lb-ft @ 9,000 rpm


Six gears, bi-directional quick shifter


Monocoque Aluminum

Front suspension

Fully adjustable 43 mm inverted Showa BPF fork

Front Wheel Travel

4.72 in

Rear Suspension

Fully adjustable Sachs Monoshock

Rear Wheel Travel

5.1 in

Front brake

Twin 320 mm discs, Brembo m4.32 four-piston radially mounted Monoblock calipers with Cornering ABS EVO

Rear Brakes

Single 245 mm two-piston Brembo caliper with Cornering ABS EVO

Tires Front/Rear

120/70zr12; 180/55zr17


4.3 in TFT Color Display



Steering Head Angle/Trail

24º/3.7 in.


56.5 inches

Seat height

33.3 inches

Dry Weight

399 pounds

Wet weight

441 pounds

Fuel Capactiy

4.5 US gal


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