If you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle, this can be very exciting. But if you’re unsure of where to start in the buying and research process. Here are some top tips and things to keep in mind.


Research, research, research, this is crucial. You need to understand what your motorcycle is specialized for. Before making your purchase, learn everything you can know about the bike. This isn’t a small purchase that only lasts a couple of days, this is long-term. What the bike is specialized for might not match up with what you’re looking for. You wouldn’t buy a sports bike for touring, would you? This process isn’t quick and easy, you need to read between the lines.

Know what you want and needs

You must understand what you will be buying the motorcycle for. Will you be commuting daily? Or traveling long distances? By testing out different bikes, you’ll recognize your likes and dislikes. It is up to you, to make your opinions about what you are looking for. Not everyone is looking for the same things as you.

You often purchase a motorcycle because it is a passion, rather than a necessity.  Your motorcycle should make you feel excited whilst riding it.

Ensure that the motorcycle matches with you and your body

Motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes just like the human body. This is why it is important to choose a bike that fits your body well. You wouldn’t buy clothes that are two sizes smaller than you, would you? Not every feature on your bike is adjustable, such as the seat and steering wheel. This is why you need to know what fits well with you. Your sportbike may appeal to you, but the ergonomics and experience riding it may not match. A quick few minutes in the showroom, might not feel as good during a 5-mile trip around town.

First impressions are known to be the most impactful in the buyer process. But try not to let this sway you in any way. A small image of a bike that is shown on your screen. Will not look or feel the same as it does in person. It can either be smaller or bigger than you first anticipated. During your first ride, it is important to take notes. For example, is it too narrow? Is the shift lever too low?

Keep your options open

When you’ve researched the bike you're about to buy. You may have missed out on looking at other bikes in the same class. That may be just as good or even better than your first option. It is important to not have tunnel vision, compare models with each other. Before deciding what is the best bike out of the rest. If you have the luxury to do this test out both bikes back-to-back. This will help you to contextualize, the things that you care about on a motorcycle.

You should consider the option of purchasing a used bike too. If you’re a beginner, purchasing a used bike may be a smart choice. You will have a peace of mind without worrying about damaging the bike. But keep in mind it may not be as reliable. And cost more money in the long run. However, new bikes come with the peace of mind of having a warranty. This does come with a premium price that matches.