BMW Jacket Tourshell Men's

BMWSKU: 500-76118568052

Size: 56
Color: Grey
Sale price$599.00


A motorcycle jacket is the second most important piece of gear you own (your helmet is first, of course). Since comfort and safety are directly linked to the fit and features of your jacket, the buying decision you make is a crucial one. With the huge variety of motorcycle jackets to choose from, how do you know where to begin? Well, here are some questions to ask yourself: "What kind of riding do I enjoy doing the most? Do I ride only in summer, or would I like to ride year-round? Are there men's motorcycle jackets that look as good as they perform? Is one type of material really better than another? Do I really need armor? Do I want one jacket to work in as many conditions as possible or different jackets for specific seasons or purposes? What's best within my budget?" If you're not sure of any of the answers, contact the expert staff at Bob's BMW for personalized assistance. We're full-time riders who've worn just about everything. No matter what type of gear you end up with, we want to help you have The Ultimate Motorcycling Experience — in the right jacket.

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